This is something I encourage, however, make sure your sources are legit and don’t only use the Internet. That’s like self diagnosing yourself when you have a cold and you think you have lupus.

Use real people in your research – find out about someone’s or several someone’s experiences to better gauge how something should feel, fit etc.

at the end of the day experimentation is going to be the best tool for you to develop your fit, fashion and style.

Don’t be afraid of making a “mistake”

9/10 times there’s a simple solution

And stop overthinking it. Be decisive. Don’t be fickle; That’s not the quality of a gentleman.

At the end of the day have someone that you work with on your style who will get to know you and your dislikes… and tell you no, ‘yes men’ are also debilitating in this process. If he/she says no, then your best interests are in mind

Enjoy it. Embrace it. Do your research.




My first non-clothing post is about cocktails and how/why you should have knowledge of minimum three, basic recipes.


When you are going over to someone’s house, we all know that it is proper to bring something with you. However, what a proper gentleman would do is bring the ingredients to make a cocktail (either aperitivo or digestivo.. before or after dinner drink) – this shows a proper appreciation for your host and also makes the dinner party go up a notch or two


It’s easy to go online and do a bit of research and see what’s out there. But the next step is to do some tasting and experimenting yourself!! Find some flavors that you enjoy and mix and match based on your research. Don’t rush this process that way you can better describe why you’re making what you’re making

My personal favorites:

Negroni – three ingredients – gin, vermouth and Campari (with an orange peel)

Tip: pre mix and let the flavors infuse for as long as possible

Gin and tonic: use cucumber slices and rose flavored gin from Dillon’s to add an extra, refreshing twist to this classic

Margarita – use a good tequila.. no Jose Cuervo here guys.. Cointreau and fresh lime in equal parts to finish off the flavors. Salt the rim at your discretion (use pink salt, it has a better flavor)

What type of cocktails are you gentlemen into? Let me know


I’ve been doing some thinking about this page, hence no posts the last while, and I’ve come up with some ideas about what “The Right Fit” means

It’s no longer going to just be about clothes, rather about what it means to be a gentleman in all aspects: clothes, food, drink, manners, and general know how that I’ve discovered so far to set oneself apart

The Right Fit is an over encompassing idea that’s meaning is about creating your own ‘right fit’ into your world.

More to come.



Winter throws us a lot of curve balls and it is important that we are prepared for them. What does that mean?


Men should have at least 5 mainstay jackets in their closet. The first of which is: the overcoat

The overcoat should go past your hips, woolen, some type of inner lining for warmth. The colour should be something that is easily transferable to all suits or in these days, your sportswear. From browns to blues, these colours are neutral and can go across the board

The car coat. This jacket is a little shorter and usually made of something a bit more technically for the chilly, wet days. Not for fashion but for practicality.. keep it dark in colour (navy) and very water resistant!

The parka. In Canada .. men need a proper parka and we are home of the highly sought after Canada Goose. Get one.. don’t worry that you see it everywhere.. there’s an obvious reason to that – ITS WARM. You’ll have it for a long, long time.

The rain coat. Again.. a technical fabric but meant for late spring and early fall for those wet days! Something with a good in case you get caught without your umbrella! This shouldn’t have a liner but just be a shell to protect you from the elements.

Lastly, and something you can have a few of, a bomber or a shorter, sportier jacket.. I say a few of them are good because the varieties in this category are huge! From Moncler to Goose to the luxury of Zegna – this is for weekends and jeans. Something cool, with sneakers.

Remember, a proper jacket (except for the last case) is an investment in protecting your suits. It can be stylish, but worry about staying warm and dry first!!!



This topic is absolutely critical to how you are perceived when you walk into a room, your office.. wherever really.. Also, it is a treatable affliction if you happen to have poor posture and there are simple ways to amend it!

When you were in high school, you all knew those jocks and athletes (I was the latter) that walked around with their chests held high and people thought it was because they were not nice guys.. however it was because they were conditioned to hold their bodies in a straight position. You have to think of your spine as a hose, if there is a kink in the hose, the hose does not flow properly.

This is a relatable subject to almost all my other posts and here is why: proper posture exudes confidence and power. We all know it. Someone who is nervous or not confident in a situation tends to hunch into themselves even at the slightest level or even if we are getting comfortable in a situation (sitting in an office with colleagues as an example)

This is why we as gentlemen have to keep this top of mind at all times.

There are certain tricks I have practiced over the years to ensure that my posture in correct that take only a few minutes – in the morning stare at yourself in the mirror with severely exaggerated good posture and hold it for several seconds to train your mind to be in a non-exaggerated similar position. That is it. It has worked very well for me.

Not to mention how posture can relate to how clothes fit you.. there are certain adjustments a tailor can make to your garments depending on how your posture is. Being in the ‘green zone’ as I like to think of it in an almost perfect (no one is perfect) will help the way your clothes fit allowing your jacket and pant to fall properly. This ‘green zone’ of posture affects men in different shapes and sizes.. taller men tend to hunch and shorter men tend to try and lengthen themselves and have this type of exaggerated posture I mentioned. Trying to settle yourself into this green zone will really affect how you present yourself in daily life!

There are obviously some postural afflictions that cannot be fixed easily on your own so please find yourself a great chiropractor as I have done… they may find issues you did not even know you had… mine saved my life!

Event Dressing.


We just had our first snowfall recently here in Toronto and it reminds me that ’tis the season for event dressing. Whether it is a black tie NYE event, Christmas parties or work gatherings, now is the time to start thinking about what to wear!

Often times clients or new customers come to me last minute looking for some type of obscure smoking jacket or something as simple as a shawl collar tuxedo.

Gentlemen, this goes back to the post of ‘what it is all about’ – a gentlemen is not fickle and he plans ahead.

That being said – the holidays are a time for fun, for colour, and for texture!

Why not think of something in velvet.. here I am going back to the latest The Kingsmen – that burnt orange velvet tuxedo jacket is a true statement piece! Possibly think of something without the satin lapels to allow you to wear it dressed up or down. These types of jackets are great for the said events above!

Onto the tuxedo.

I believe every man (especially in a big city like Toronto) should have a classic black tuxedo as there are plenty of events during this time of year (and TIFF that just passed) that one could wear it to and really stand out of the crowd.

Tuxedo ideals:

1. Peak lapel or shawl collar would be my lapel choice
2. The fabric should either be wool/silk or wool/mohair for a slight glisten in the fabric
3. Some customers opt out of the satin stripe on the pant, do not opt out.. it enhances the tuxedo look
4. Patent oxfords or velvet loafers
5. Have Fun

Resurgence of the DB


Since the ‘Kingsmen’ movies have come out there has definitely been more double breasted suits and jackets coming out in RTW collections everywhere.

This is a classic look that was extremely popular in yesteryear and now generally associated (in my circle at least) with power suits.

What does power suit mean to you?

To me it is something visually striking that exudes confidence from the wearer. A suit that is great for that big meeting or social settings. Often time I hear from gentlemen that they feel it is showing off to wear it but I disagree.

It is interesting how history repeats itself, especially in fashion, seeing the old time gangsters of the 20s (Boardwalk Empire, or even in historical pictures) to the ad men of the 50s (Madmen) it is almost inspiration as the similarities are there to the ideals of today’s garments.

Someone who has sartorially influenced me in these television shows is Roger Stirling. Although often in a three piece, when he is wearing his DB garments, they are impeccable which goes very well with the character.

Some stylistic points of view:

1. The button stance in a traditional DB Jacket should be high, to avoid any break in the lapel

2. Always have it buttoned, the gentlemen walking around with their DB jackets open is almost an atrocity.

3. I almost always have a ticket pocket on my DB jackets, but the emergence of the patch pockets look quite nice on it as well! It is about the details!

So gentlemen, start thinking about wearing a double breasted jacket. You will enjoy it!