Resurgence of the DB


Since the ‘Kingsmen’ movies have come out there has definitely been more double breasted suits and jackets coming out in RTW collections everywhere.

This is a classic look that was extremely popular in yesteryear and now generally associated (in my circle at least) with power suits.

What does power suit mean to you?

To me it is something visually striking that exudes confidence from the wearer. A suit that is great for that big meeting or social settings. Often time I hear from gentlemen that they feel it is showing off to wear it but I disagree.

It is interesting how history repeats itself, especially in fashion, seeing the old time gangsters of the 20s (Boardwalk Empire, or even in historical pictures) to the ad men of the 50s (Madmen) it is almost inspiration as the similarities are there to the ideals of today’s garments.

Someone who has sartorially influenced me in these television shows is Roger Stirling. Although often in a three piece, when he is wearing his DB garments, they are impeccable which goes very well with the character.

Some stylistic points of view:

1. The button stance in a traditional DB Jacket should be high, to avoid any break in the lapel

2. Always have it buttoned, the gentlemen walking around with their DB jackets open is almost an atrocity.

3. I almost always have a ticket pocket on my DB jackets, but the emergence of the patch pockets look quite nice on it as well! It is about the details!

So gentlemen, start thinking about wearing a double breasted jacket. You will enjoy it!


Author: Vincenzo Fazzari

I am a Made To Measure specialist for a prominent Canadian retailer and the concept of 'how to be an ideal gentlemen' is truly a passion of mine in a culture that is lacking such ideals. This page is not just about clothes and how they should fit but your attitude and how it should fit into your life.. hence the title.. "The Right Fit"

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