This topic is vast.. lots to talk about in terms of what to wear with what. But there is something that is much more important.

How to properly care for them.

Men usually are unaware of this concept – the concept that shoes are leather.. leather is skin and needs to be taken care of the same as you take care of your own skin.

Your feet sweat during the course of a day.. and that sweat seeps into the leather and when you take your shoes off and kick back after a long day.. that leather still needs to work for you. What is the number one most important thing is putting a cedar shoe tree inside immediately after removing your foot.

We all know the concept of a cedar closet and how it keeps moisture away from previous coats and other goods. It is the same concept for your shoes.. that cedar takes away the days moisture and it actually helps the leather stay in its initial shape.

Good shoes are an investment.. if you take care of them, they will in turn take care of your feet. There is one piece of advice that I always, always tell my clients and friends. You cannot mess around with your feet… sore feet makes for a sore attitude.

On this point.. finding the right shoe should be similar to finding the right piece of denim for you. It has to fit PROPERLY. Never buy a shoe on the concept of it stretching to your foot, that is ridiculous. Leather does not stretch, it may form to your foot.. if it is a high quality leather.. but tight is going to stay tight.

Me personally, am a big proponent of rubber sole shoes or at least if it has a rubber insert in the sole. Brands like Doucal’s, Canali, Henderson, Ferragamo, etc. are brands that I enjoy because my feet do not hurt after a 12 hour day. BUT the idea of ‘to each their own’ is real in this case. Everyone has a different foot and finding the right shoe may take some time and some research.

Again, shoes are an investment. Invest in your feet. You will perform better in your daily life.


Author: Vincenzo Fazzari

I am a Made To Measure specialist for a prominent Canadian retailer and the concept of 'how to be an ideal gentlemen' is truly a passion of mine in a culture that is lacking such ideals. This page is not just about clothes and how they should fit but your attitude and how it should fit into your life.. hence the title.. "The Right Fit"

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