The Word “Influencer”


This is a word has been a topic of debate in my circle for some time now and I would like to inquire/discuss its meaning.

I was recently at an entrepreneurial event and a gentleman approached me and introduced himself as an influencer. I did not really understand it, so I asked him, “what is it that you influence?” … he did not really know how to answer it but he said he would add me to Instagram.. great..

But it did get me thinking..

Why is it that this word has come into our society? In my mind, an influencer should be a mentor, manager, someone who defines the word ‘leader’ – someone who wants people to be better. In turn, social media has painted people with ‘cool’ outfits who do not really create content (other than a lot of selfies) as influencers.

I disagree with this.

Those of you who know me or have seen my Instagram, know how I dress, fairly colourful and I enjoy to push the limits while still being tasteful (I hope so at least). It is one way that I express myself, I do not enjoy simplicity, while I believe it definitely has its place.. but common, have some fun? But I also do not call myself an influencer. I do not recommend that everyone dress like I do – haha

I often assist business men with their wardrobes and they show me pictures of what they want to look like. Whilst this is a great tool for ideas, you should be able to communicate how you would like to put your own spin on it.

Creating your brand is important now a days, fewer jobs and more competition make it important to stand out in a stack of papers and numbers.. not in just what you wear but who you are. Create something in yourself that would make a potential employer, business partner, customer or client say.. “I want to work with you”

What is that for me? Honesty, Integrity and a black and white attitude.

The point to this post is for me to say – be yourself and create your brand and that is how you will be successful.


Author: Vincenzo Fazzari

I am a Made To Measure specialist for a prominent Canadian retailer and the concept of 'how to be an ideal gentlemen' is truly a passion of mine in a culture that is lacking such ideals. This page is not just about clothes and how they should fit but your attitude and how it should fit into your life.. hence the title.. "The Right Fit"

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