Are Pleats Back?


There seems to be a resurgence of pleats in men’s fashion as of late so I would like to quickly mention a few guidelines as I have already dabbled in a few pleated trousers personally.

A few things I would suggest:

1. If you would like to have a pleated trouser, use a single pleat only

2. Nowadays, they are more for fashion rather than before when they were used to give more room in a trouser, so something aggressively pleated, or multiple pleats is unnecessary

3. Pleats that go inwards instead of outwards (in my opinion) seem to be what is on trend (and still provide a little more room in the trouser..which is nice to be honest)

A trouser should still be shapely (without being tight) and a slight taper towards the bottom is a very flattering look!

However, do not go out and get all of your trousers like this.. one or two is nice for a change but limit it because we all know how fast things are going to change! Notice style icon, Roberto Raro in the photo for a prime example of what I am illustrating.

SO to answer my own question: Yes, pleats are here but a flat front definitely has its prominent place in the market.

Thank you for reading, Gentlemen

Ciao for nowRoberto Raro


Author: Vincenzo Fazzari

I am a Made To Measure specialist for a prominent Canadian retailer and the concept of 'how to be an ideal gentlemen' is truly a passion of mine in a culture that is lacking such ideals. This page is not just about clothes and how they should fit but your attitude and how it should fit into your life.. hence the title.. "The Right Fit"

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