Tie or not?

Nowadays so many gentlemen dislike wearing a tie, and I get it. But, I am of the school of thought that a gentleman/business man should definitely occasionally wear a tie even if he dislikes it. 

A tie completes the look. Fills the gap. Completes the picture. And as I have stated in previous posts, when someone consciously or subconsciously notices that you are about the details… this goes such a long way – especially when a young man/millennial is working/dealing with a man of a previous generation. 

Details are important because the way you present yourself could lead people to believe certain things about you. Do you agree? A man could dot his i’s and cross his t’s but if his presentation isn’t clean (not only in the way he dresses but in all aspects of his presentation) this could be detrimental to getting to the next level. 

So.. wear a tie.. but not on Friday’s – that I’ll accept. 😃 

Coordination of ties and your clothing will be the next topic of discussion. 


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