The Modern Man


A lot has changed in the world of men’s clothing over the last decade.. but there is a movement out there and I really like where it is going.

It is headed towards a great mix of the way men used to dress in the “Mad Men” era with a mix of the “oh-god-that-is-way-too-tight” era of the last ten years. I have noticed this transition in the last several years of working in this business and it is refreshing…

The word “tight” is not in my vocabulary nor was it ever in my wardrobe.

Yes, I understand that men want to “throw a pose” as I call it when they are walking down the street but when I am asked to continually take things in.. I have to stop for a minute and say to the man.. try sitting… or moving.. or functioning normal..


The point of this first post is to praise those men who are going away from this to this new, said transition.

Tailored clothing should provide a great silhouette yet with the comfort and ease that you do not literally FEEL your clothes. The right things should be accentuated (upper back, slimmer waist) but we should not see your love handles through your jacket

If you follow that really simple guide line.. when you are “throwing a pose” walking through your city’s financial district.. you will catch a lot more looks… because you should.

Dress Well. Feel Good. Make IT Happen.


Author: Vincenzo Fazzari

I am a Made To Measure specialist for a prominent Canadian retailer and the concept of 'how to be an ideal gentlemen' is truly a passion of mine in a culture that is lacking such ideals. This page is not just about clothes and how they should fit but your attitude and how it should fit into your life.. hence the title.. "The Right Fit"

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